November 14, 2010

Sample Sale TEASER! :)

Hello, loves!

The much-awaited "Triple Holiday Sale!!" is only less than 24 hours away! And while I cram on what's left to prepare for tomorrow's event, feast your eyes on the cuties below and tell me what you think:

These are only SOME of the exclusive items that are included in the "Sample Sale" - guaranteed all handmade and meticulously designed by yours truly! But for a supposed SAMPLE, I think I made a LOT. ^^; Honestly, I didn't realize that itty bitty fact until I was doing inventory a few days ago. I mean, most of them have already been bought by the lovely customers we've had during AME Track 10 last weekend, but I made extras and kept them at home. So okay, I got a little carried away, but c'mon, I was on a serious roll! xD

Anyway, I hope the pictures above were able to get you in the mood for tomorrow. Not only are they adorable and quirky, they are all priced surprisingly cheap! Isn't that great? Ah, the awesomeness of sample sales... 

To our dear subscribers, please expect to be informed of the sales' exact time of release  via SMS tomorrow morning. The others will just have to stay tuned, I suppose. Guidelines shall also be posted a few hours prior to the sales so prospective buyers can read them and be guided beforehand.

That's it for now. Good night, everyone!



  1. Early morning ba? Or maybe tanghali? :]

  2. Not sure pa e. Pero definitely NOT early morning. Andami ko pa kelangang ihabol e. Haha. xD

  3. Okay, that's good. Pero take your time, sis. Hehe XD