November 12, 2010

It's Back - 2nd Annual "Triple Holiday Sale!!!" on Nov.15!! :D

It's that time of the year again~~

Truth be told, we had every intention of doing the sale last Nov. 01, just like last year's event, but the meticulous preparations we've made for AME Track 10 and the new line of handmade products for next year have hindered us from working on anything else. Besides, it wouldn't make sense if we do the sale on Nov. 01 and be flooded by a sudden rush of orders, then join a fair on the 6th and be swallowed up by even more customers! We're not exactly masochists, you know. ;____;

So anyway, I hope you already know what this "Triple Holiday Sale!!!" is. If you've been browsing our shop since last year, chances are you have already read the explanation I've provided about it. If not, well, no worries; I'd be glad to define it again for everyone. ^__^

What's a Triple Holiday Sale!!! again?

Simply put, it's a GRAND sale honoring the celebration of Halloween our FIRST exhibitor gig, Christmas/End of the Year and Curls & Twirls' 2nd anniversary. Starting Nov. 15, 2010, ALL AVAILABLE ITEMS in our gallery shall be on sale for up to 75% OFF! This is not exactly what one calls a "Clearance Sale" though, as when Jan. 15, 2011 hits, all products that have been left unclaimed shall be sold on their original prices yet again.

And that's that. =]

You think I wasn't serious when I told you before that we rarely conduct sales? Why, I always *mean* every word that comes out of my mou-- hands (is that right? Because I'm typing and all? @__@"), no matter how stupid it may sound.

Again, that's on Nov. 15, 2010 (Monday), so start marking your calendars, loves! Along with this yearly event, we shall also be conducting a SAMPLE SALE, featuring the new products that we're planning to release next year as exclusive collections. Watch out for a special sneak peek! AND if time permits, a DESTASH SALE shall also take part, making this year's holiday sale a Triple TRIPLE Holiday Sale!!! 

TRIPLE the fun, TRIPLE the ooh's and aah's, TRIPLE the savings!!

Now, THAT's something you definitely should NOT miss! ^.~

Stay tuned for more updates!


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