January 5, 2011

Back to Business! :3

Happy 2011!

We hope you had a blast this holiday season (because we did)! xD I still have hangovers, to be honest, but meh. Everyone's already working; I can't possibly afford to be lazy. ^^;

Anyway, if you're still suffering from holiday lethargy like me, here's a couple of news that are bound to blow away any feelings of idleness:

New items to be uploaded mid-January. I'm still unsure when exactly I can finish the preparations for them, but we'll keep you posted, of course! xD

iScratch n' Win PROMO!! In celebration of Curls & Twirls' 2nd birthday, we'll be releasing this new gimmick mid-January as well. More details will be posted as soon as I'm done making them. ;)

For now, let's all have fun with the "Triple Holiday Sale!!!", shall we? You have until Jan. 15 to get all goods for as low as 50% off, so better hurry~!

Lastly, the shop will have its system updates for the new year once again, so please expect these changes to be made known in a week or so. No, better yet, give me a whole month to work on it; I have a long line of chores to do since I took my holiday vacation, after all.

Again, a belated Happy Holidays to everyone!



  1. welcome back gen! still love the items and looking forward for the new stuff!

  2. Thanks, Joy! :) Balitaan ko kayo by Jan.10 onwards. :D~