January 16, 2011

PROMO: iScratch n' Win! + MORE!!

Hello, loves!

If you are to take a look at the shop's front page, you'll notice that the old albums have already returned. The infamous "Triple Holiday Sale!!!" is over, and we thank you for clearing most of our stocks. :) Of course, there are still a few items left untouched, which are always ready for adoption, so don't hesitate to make your purchase~! :))

Moving on~

Remember the "iScratch n' Win" tickets I've been raving about in my previous entries?

Here they are~! :D 100% made from scratch by yours truly!

As you all know, Curls & Twirls has just turned 2 last Jan. 03, and I wanted to do something to celebrate it. No raffle contests or free shipping promos - and NO! Not another sale, for Jiminy Cricket's sake -; I wanted *something* DIFFERENT. And as I was scratching out my P100 worth of Globe prepaid card one idle afternoon, it hit me.

And now, I'm as giddy as a high school girl with a crush. Genius.

So what are these scratch tickets all about? They will be the instruments to celebrating Curls & Twirls' 2nd birthday. Each ticket has a prize, and you will be able to redeem it on your next purchase! :) No "Try Again's", people! All scratch tickets have a REAL prize printed on them; you'll just have to scratch it and see (for yourself) what you've won!

Oooh! How can I get a ticket?
I have 25 scratch tickets with me, so starting today, our first 25 customers for this new year shall have (1) random ticket be sent to each of them along with their orders. No minimum amount of purchase/s required; just be one of the first 25 people to send in their ORDER FORMS.

I won a (insert prize here)! How do I claim it? You can redeem your prize on your next purchase. When signing the order form, simply input the UNIQUE CODE of your ticket in the comments/suggestions box, and you're done! Or you can simply scan the entire ticket with the unique code visible and e-mail it to us at curlytwirly.pyon@gmail.com. Whichever works for you, really. :)

What's a unique code? It's the 6-letter/digit code printed just below your prize that will provide the authenticity of your scratch ticket. It also ensures that a ticket can only be used ONCE. For an easier spot on, I printed them in RED.

What are the prizes for the scratch tickets? Prizes vary from double freebies, free shipping to percentage discounts. You'll just have to scratch and see for yourself! ;) However, one particular prize that you should take note of is the big 50% OFF, which can only be won by (2) lucky clients!

That's it for the FAQ for now, but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask away. :)

Also, TODAY IS UPLOAD DAY!!  *throws confetti* I've been so busy that I forgot to make a public announcement about it, so to make up for my act of negligence, I'll be uploading a total of 5 NEW ITEMS instead of the supposed 3 only! ^__^ Drop by our shop again at around 5-6 PM today; the new goodies will be in the front page by then to welcome you in all their glorified cuteness~

Now, before I take my leave yet again to finish the preparation for the uploads, here's my last "Show & Tell" piece:

Business cards + pocket calendars! :D

I finally got around to finish the layout and have them printed out! I've been working on the perfect design since October until I suddenly lost interest with it. Thankfully, my inspiration resurfaced before 2010 ended, so now, Curls & Twirls will be starting a brand new year with a super cool!!! 2-in-1 business card and pocket calendar.

Here's how it goes: Every package I ship out, I'll include (2) business cards - (1) will be the 2-in-1 card for our customer (may our pocket calendar help you keep track of the date everywhere you go), and another is an ordinary business card, which we hope you'll give to a friend as some sort of referral. You can ask them to mention how you referred us to them, so we can give you something nice on your next purchase as a token of thanks. Nice promotional strategy, eh~? :3

Okay, break's over. I'll be back for the new uploads this evening, so AGAIN, excuse me.



  1. As always, the design of your business card is really nice. As in nice. :D I love it.

    The iScratch idea is brilliant and unique! :)

  2. Love it! :D Especially those business cards.

  3. Btw, when's the next upload day? XD Can't wait for more!

  4. Early Feb na, dear. Yan lang muna for January. :)

  5. ilan nalang scratch card? i'll ipon na for my next purchase (A_A)

  6. Haha. Don't worry; meron pa yan! ;)