March 5, 2012

5th PCC: The Aftermath.

The 5th PCC was, in a word, OVERWHELMING. Seriously.

I honestly wasn't expecting the huge amount of people who fought the crowd just to visit our booth and buy from us. The girls who went kilig~ over our handmade accessories, the boys who had fun playing with our squirt toys and Samurai Umbrellas, and our fellow 9gaggers who bought our special edition of Meme Button Pins! Really, guys, thank you so much! ^___^

Also, a heartfelt thanks to Cosplay.Ph and Hobbiworx for inviting us to be a part of such a wondrous event. We look forward to the next happenings from you! Sad that I wasn't able to get a table for Tagcom (I'm in the waiting list. T__T), so I guess Curls & Twirls will just have to aim for Collecticon or Cosplay Mania '12. ^^;

Special thanks to Jayne of Hatah! Hatah! for giving me pointers for future cons. Always listen to the 'veteran', they all say, and I feel blessed that she was kind enough to help us out. :) I know I said I'd visit their table, but the area was seriously busy that I couldn't even leave our booth for a quick bathroom break. xD Well, I'm sure all exhibitors can understand that. (But thank God I have an iron bladder!)

Anyway, pics will follow soon. The inventory will also be updated some time tomorrow (hopefully). Again, thank you for your continuous patronage!


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  1. it was always gr8 seeing you ms.Gen! when i heard you guys were exhibiting, i made sure to visit! looking forward to work w/u soon!

    ~mjk katz