April 8, 2012

6th TAGCOM: The Aftermath.


I know this is a late entry, but I've been to engrossed with finishing the whole 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to care. xD

I'll keep this short, okay?

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth during the 3 exhausting, but still incredible days of TAGCOM 6! I had no other stories (or words of wisdom) to share, because honestly, I was dead tired after everything, and I just wanted to hibernate for a week - which I did! :)) Anyway, just know that we're thankful. You guys are the reason why we still keep on doing this.

Many thanks to Hobbiworx for another successful event, especially to Sir Dennis, who is so very kind and accommodating even though we've only just met. Thank you for the free TAGCOM shirt!

Lastly, to Joanne of MyRottenShoppe, it was an honor sharing a booth with you. Let's do this again some time! I enjoyed talking to you a lot. :D

New items will be uploaded some time this week, so keep a good look out. For now, HAPPY EASTER!


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