February 8, 2013

Join Us @ PCC 6! ^__^

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Curls & Twirls will be at:
Mar. 2-3, 2013 (Sat.-Sun.)
Midtown Atrium, Robinson's Place-Manila

Curls & Twirls will be partnering with Hatah! Hatah!, GWY Shop, For Isabela, MyRottenShoppe and Cotton Candy Shirts this coming PCC 6! This will be Curls & Twirls' FIRST bazaar in 2013 and SECOND time to join PCC. Last year was a surprisingly huge success for us, so we're hoping for the same this year. *fingers crossed* 

More info will be provided soon, and the floor plan will also be posted for your viewing pleasure as soon as it's been approved by the admin folks at Rob (says Sir Henry of Cosplay.ph). But please do consider joining the fun if you have the time and happen to be in the area, because not only will you be able to participate in activities like the toy auction, there are NO ENTRANCE FEES!! Woohoo~ 

Signing off for now. Ta, everyone! :)


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