February 25, 2013

6th PCC - Visit Us! :)

Heads up!

Below is the floor plan for the 6th PCC this weekend (Mar. 2-3, 2013). As stated in my previous entry, Curls & Twirls will be sharing a booth with Hatah! Hatah!, GWY Shop, For Isabela, Azalea, MyRottenShoppe and Cotton Candy Shirts. Click the image to see the floor plan as a whole.

Now, what to expect? Booths and exhibitors that will offer different wares like cosplay materials, anime merchandise, and quirky toys and accessories from yours truly. Also, a cosplay competition, cosplay lounge, a gallery and toy auctions among others.

This is sure to be a whole day of nothing but funfunfun, so if you have the time, do drop by (and maybe visit us as well?). It's FREE ENTRANCE/ADMISSION anyway.

See you guys there? :3

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