February 28, 2013

New Arrivals - 02.25.

Oh, my~

Tis another late post, my darlings. Sorry for lagging behind. I've just been too busy lately. ^^

100% handmade from scratch!
Comes with a gift pouch each.
Buy them [ HERE ].

CANDY BOW-TON (BOW + BUTTON) RINGS @ P60. Add a little more flare to your boring uniforms or outfits by wearing a Bowton Ring - handmade by moi, for YOU! With a wide selection of bow-button combinations to choose from, your style will definitely get an upgrade. Treat yourself, your girlfriends and even kiddies to one of these yummy burst of colors! ^_^

Freshly imported from Japan!
Buy them [ HERE ].

BERRY PRINTED SOCKS @ P200. These brand new strawberry-printed socks are just SO irresistible! Featuring high-quality strawberry prints with polka patterns all around, these fine knee-high socks are sweet in style, but stunning with any outfit. ;)

Comes with a gift box each.
Buy them [ HERE ].

NAUGHTY GLOW DICE II @ P150. Want an *even MORE!!* more exciting turn to your love life or a spicier (and sexier!) addition to your nightly escapades with your beloved? If so, we proudly introduce you to a new breed of our regular Ero dice, the Naughty Adult (Ero) Dice - Glow in the Dark Edition! It's a funny activity for couples, mind you. With a simple flick of the wrist, throw the dice and await your destiny. Take a gamble with each roll! It's a game that is sure to have you and your love turning tricks all night! >:D

Comes in (2) sizes!
Buy them [ HERE ] and [ HERE ].

SQUISHY BREAD NOTEPADS II @ P50/P80. Dare to be cool at school or work? These delightfully squishy notepads are the perfect accessory for any quirky individual! They even work well as wrist cushions during computer hour! How about that? Get this eye-catching goodie while it's still hot! :)



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