October 4, 2011

Cosplay Mania '11 ~ 10.01-02.11

Cosplay Mania '11
October 01-02, 2011
Function Rms. 3-5, SMX Convention Center

Event's highlights (at least, to us):
  • Cring's bladder-enduring trip around SMX and MOA. The bladder won. xD
  • Baby Josh FINALLY getting an exhibitor's ID of his own!
  • Kokoy's surprising get-up. How he was able to walk with his helmet on, we shall NEVER know.
  • Jin of Tuxedo Team/Tuxessories and her friend dropping by our booth to buy a Finger Shade! :D
  • Squirting booby ecchi-ness~
  • Gen winning a MyPhone Q19i (Dual Sim) from the ticket raffle contest! 
More on this here >> Cosplay Mania '11: The Aftermath.


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