September 17, 2014

Kawaii Giveaway: 3 Days to Goooo!

Haro, haro! 

I must apologize for the lack of blog entries this month. I've just been terribly busy with the preparations for the -ber months since as you probably already know, most of the BIGGEST anime events and bazaars are held on the latter part of every year. This includes The Best of Anime '14, which is set to happen THIS coming weekend, and the almighty Cosplay Mania '14 next month. 

Speaking of which, the floor plan for BOA will be up within the day, as well as some other very important details. 


Remember the Kawaii Giveaway I've been hosting since August? Well, it'll finally come to an end on September 20. THREE DAYS TO GO, LOVES!! So if you still haven't joined, then what in the seven seas are you still doing?? GO NOWS! On the other hand, if you've already done so, make sure your entries/comments are set. Double check everything there is to double check - unless you want to miss out on winning? (Of course you don't!)

Good luck to all participants! :D


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