September 23, 2014

Wai! Wai! BIG Kawaii Giveaway! - WINNERS! :)


Hello, everyone! I know you're all antsy to see the winners. You may scroll down, never mind me, but I ask that you DO NOT, because I'd really appreciate it if you take the time to read what I'm about to say/write.

First, thank YOU for joining. To the participants who left me a congratulatory note along with your entries, your words made me melt and blush and grin like an idiot. I've put a lot of work to making the Curls & Twirls website looking cute and shiny, so to learn that you loved the result of my perseverance, it really makes me feel like a million bucks. ;)

Thank you to my sponsors - Hatah! Hatah!, GWYSHOP, For Isabela, Olive Cubes, Pandora's Box, Gyaru Shoppe, Fandom Trinkets, The Keybie Cafe, Hodge Podge and Tokyo Sweets PH. I'm so blessed to have known you, wonderful people. More power to your businesses! :)

And, of course, a warm hugs and kisses to my blogger buddies - Shimmerjjang, Melody in Cutesyland, Frances and Flair, and Mahou Shoujo Thriftster. This giveaway wouldn't have been as lively if it weren't for your tireless plugs and promotions. If you're planning a giveaway of your own, you always have me to collaborate with. <3

Alright! Enough sappiness (for now). It's time for the WINNERS! :D Starting from the bottom, we haaaaaaaave...

Angelica Laureles, Philippines.
Set C prizes here.

Fany Ayanomori, Indonesia.
Set B prizes here.

Genesis Santos, Philippines.
Set A prizes here.

Congratulations, everyone! Excited? I know you are!

*** WHAT TO DO NEXT?: ***
E-mail your NAME, COMPLETE SHIPPING ADDRESS, and CONTACT NO/S. to by September 30, 2014
Failure to do so will forfeit your win!

To those who didn't win, here's a couple of good news to cheer you up:

1.] The consolation prize will extend not only to the promised (10) random participants, but to EVERYONE who joined the giveaway! That's right! :) So if you left a comment under this page, congratulations; you have yourself a 10% OFF coupon when you buy from our website! <3 Just input the code [ kawaii10off ] before you check-out; the discount will reflect afterward. Take note: the code will be valid until the end of the year, and is good for (1) use only per account, so use it well! <3

2.] Starting October 2014, our monthly CurlyTwirly Giveaway will relaunch, and unlike before, this will be open WORLDWIDE! Free kawaii goodies to be given out for free EVERY MONTH! Yay? Yay! Stay tuned, okay? Better yet, do subscribe to our FB, Twitter and Instagram for updates. :D

That's all for now! Again, thank you so very much for making our Wai! Wai! BIG Kawaii Giveaway! a HUGE success! Cheers to us all! Woo-hoo! ^__^


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